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Let Mother Nature’s helper get your garden growing!

vermicomposting acme worm farm worm castingsVermicomposting, sometimes called worm composting, is the final phase of the composting process, where compost is turned into dirt. This dirt is dominated by soil microorganisms as opposed to compost microorganisms.

Ordinary compost needs to be digested by the soil before it gives its full benefit, while worm castings are as plant-ready as you can possibly achieve in a composting system. Eisenia fetida, or red wigglers, most preferred species of earthworms for composting purposes.

composting worms acme worm farm
Acme Worm Farm
offers some of the healthiest, hungriest, hardiest, compost worms available. Each order is carefully packaged and shipped with care so you can be assured that your worms will arrive at your door step safe and sound. Get worms!
worm bins for vermicomposting
The worm bin is where your worms will live. We have an outstanding selection of worm bins, including stacking systems such as the Can-O-Worms and the Worm Factory, to flow-through bins such as the Worm Wigwam. Check out our worm bins.
worm castings from acme worm farm
Our worm castings (i.e. worm poop) are non-toxic in any concentration to plants and animals, to the soil, and to the environment and shipped to you with use and application instructions, in handy, “re-sealable” bags. See our vermicomposting supplies.